Andronics Super Blue manufacture and develop a number of very specialize Military Equipment. This includes Long Range Bomb Detectors, High Altitude, Elevation Drone Detectors, Weapons Radar Stations, Fast super-sonic Jet Fighters, UAV and Stealth Air-Craft, and low flying noiseless craft (Missiles) We employ many other methods. We deploy a Drone with a Magnetic Barrel that detects and disturbances in the atmosphere 24/7 in all weather. We are the only ones that make such a long range depth device.
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See the New Hammer Head Material that detects, Locates, and Id's most all Material, for a demo and this also have a US Government ECCN number, Tested in the USA and in many parts of the world.  We also put this technology on Drones and other devices, We locate Explosives , Gold , and many type of Shapes 6-10 meters in the ground. Just One hand to operate 
We also manufacture Gold / Materials and Explosives in the earth, No one else does this 6 Meters
in the earth, This is New Technology , We will also be in Hong Kong for Demos   

These units are State of the Art, We Develop many different Products that DARPA or Pentagon have no idea about, All of our products are tested and they Work, This is a privately funded group of Scientists from the USA and around the world, if you want to level the playing field contact ASB, "we will arrange a meeting".

We can report the Alarm to your cell phone , or a Special unit    Or it can be stand alone connected to the internet, This is a very low cost unit , ask for a quote, The Units Comes in different Sizes, colors and Shapes , we provide training and we install the units as needed .  see ask for a demo in the USA,  Email us at  Below is the AGU-900-DX unit
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