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“The Detectors”

Andronics Super Blue (ASB) has designed and built a device named the (XE-118-Detector, AGU-900-D) that locates the target materials, by sensing, and recognizing the disturbance in the Earth’s magnetic fields, and identifying any of the 118 elements in and near the target (or any matter). The XE-118-Detector does not emit any signals or magnetic energies. How does it work? This is like having a very large Object Motion Magnetic Device that attracts all types of materials patterns (Magnetics, Chemicals, Liquide, Gases, Combinations, Signatures Patterns) so we can determine and verified what it is, that also relates to what is deep in the earth (penetration) and also through the atmosphere. Basically the XE-118-Detector determines and detects what is disturbing the magnetic energies of the Earth as they travel through the Earth and to outer space; as the magnetic energies/fields propagate (tunneling a pathway) they are obstructed by the different types of materials (Solid, Liquid, Gases), that could be the target material, or any other different materials / objects that do not match the surrounding materials /earth (a different of Potential or materials out of place). The XE-118-Detector is a very powerful Magnetic Vacuum (MV) or a magnetic suction device, it is almost impossible to defeat, or thwart when searching for specified target materials. This technology goes way be on "Ground Penetrating Radar", or other technologies, it can actually provide a detailed picture of the target materials and surrounding areas. It is also long-range technologies, and not affected by large rock masses (building, earth formations), using the magnetic carrier fields of the Earth (creating a magnetic tunnel). We also use Magnetic Slicing Software, developing Signature Recognition Codes (SRC) that is sent to a computer, the SRC codes use a Resonates frequency Detection method. The technique is the real heart of how this is accomplished, the basic hardware and how they work together. As stated by  SWARM the earth fields are very week, but they managed to sense magnetic fields current from outer space, our Detectors are very close to the surface of the earth and thereby looking at all the magnetic energies coming from the center of the earth.  The detector we build can actually physically see the magnetic signals and determine what and how different rates of flow are and what they are encountering as the magnetic energies exit the surface of the earth. Astronomical amounts of data went into the design of the detector, and of course years of work.

       Mag-Detector for long range Locating of Objects  
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